How do you get at least 2-5 New Customers and Teammates every week? It’s definitely not talking to friends and family or random strangers because you’ve probably tried that and it didn't work. 

It is simply leveraging Social Media Recruiting

The social media recruiting system teaches the business owner how to Sign Up ROCKSTARS in their team, helps them build list of prospects and lead completely on autopilot.

If with this system, you're able to sign up at least 3 new customers and teammates every week.

You'll have at least 10 new customers and team members by the end of the month and after 12 months (1 year), you'll have at least 120 team members.

Let's go deeper, what if you teach this replicable system to your teammates and they implement it to bring in at least 3 new customers every week.

Your team would grow exponentially to 30 new customers (10 multiply by 3) weekly and 120 new customers and team members monthly.

Once you're using this formula; you'll 10X your growth just leveraging social media recruiting.



Imagine for one minute that you have a system that auto recruits only interested people to join your business.

Imagine that you have a system that not only recruits only serious people but also automatically follows them up on your behalf till they become customers. 

Now imagine that this is year that has so many things happening including the economic crisis; that you can boldly say the following:

“I’ve grown my business because over a thousand serious people have signed up under me without stress, making me a top leader in my company and I've also qualified for an all expense vacation trip abroad”.

Now stop and imagine the impact of being able to really experience what you just say.

This result alone can get no less than hundreds of people begging to join your team.

This result from your business can easily get you house/car bonus amongst others, get you only serious partners and open so many doors for you.

This is asides from the confidence you would feel about yourself and the business. You would be so pumped up, ready to smash higher numbers in 2021.

This is how the story of a network marketer with a good system and unique strategy sounds.



Systems make businesses run smoothly and effortlessly.

They give replicable and duplicable results.

They produce results for the one that uses them.

They show the plan and make sure the goal is achieved. 

Network marketers struggle not because it's not working but because they lack the system that makes it work.

They struggle to grow their downline because they lack duplicable that guarantee the success of their team.

Notice how you've struggled because you don't use this system that auto recruits super interested people?

That’s exactly what lack of system causes.

You’ll struggle to break your company ranks, qualify for bonuses and wont attain the financial freedom that network marketing offers.

Lack of adequate systems and processes is ranked the 2nd reason, on a scale of 10, why network marketers fail.

So, as a network marketer, do any of these questions and thoughts sound familiar?

  • – How do I attract only serious people to join my business?

  • – Why is network marketing so hard to succeed in?

  • – I don't have a list

  • – How do I replicate and duplicate my result for my teammates?

  • – How do I become a top leader in my company

  • – Why are my not reaping the rewards of network marketing?

  • – I feel like shutting down this business and try other things

  • – I don’t even know if this business is growing or what

  • – I am really frustrated

  • – I feel like giving up because this network marketing thing isn’t working and I think I was lied to about everything

  • – I am tired of putting my time and money in any network marketing business

If yes, then you need to urgently get The Pro MLM Mastery Course.

The good news is; The new year is just starting out.

It’s a great time to learn the secret that gives you a network marketing advantage for your business if you start implementing them.

So, what is The Pro MLM Mastery Course about?

This course is a bundle of Ebook + Workbook + Video which is a 2 hour intensive and practical Webclass.

This Course teaches network marketers the simple step by step process to capture to their only serious and super interested persons without pitching to uninterested friends and family or random strangers even during an economic crisis.

It’s completely a beginner-level course and will have zero technological terminologies.

What is the fee?

The Course fee is 3,000 Naira for the first 100 people, after which it moves up three times the current price and please take note that this course is currently being shown to thousands of other network marketers so I recommend you act now.

Please get the Pro MLM Mastery NOW at this bonus price because It is best you get in now.

We have a fixed number of slots, after which we will stop selling.

This is our cheapest ever course because we’re offering you three product resources at the insane price one, we anticipate a lot of people. Enroll now.



What will I learn?

The Course includes a 2 Hour Practical Webclass, Ebook guide, printable workbook for completing your exercises and implementing what you’ve learnt. The Pro MLM Mastery Course will teach you the following;


  • The secret strategy to ultimate network marketing advantage.

  • How to find and access exactly who you want on your dream team.

  • How to build instant Credibility & Authority so that when you talk to people about your business opportunity they're not thinking twice.

  • How to master a simple strategy that shows WHAT & WHEN to post on social media to drive attention to your business.

  • The powerful growth hacking technique that will help you wake up to Messages from those seeking to know more about your product, service or business on Automation. 

  • How to grow your team to over a thousand serious members leveraging a secret tool.

  • How to Build a Rockstar Online Brand so you can reduce objections  and resistance by leveraging social media.

  • How to master the tools and system that guarantees a replicable result for your team.

  • Access to all the secret tools that you can use to 10X your business without prior experience or tech skill.

What if I have no laptop?

The class will teach you all you need to succeed in your business using both your phone and your laptop.

However, every business owner is advised to eventually seek to own a laptop; as working on a phone has certain restrictions, especially when your team members begin to grow. 

So, even if you have just a phone, you can get the course, watch and start implementing in your business.

Who exactly is this course for?

  • If you want to reap all the reward, benefits and freedom that networking marketing offers.

  • If your business is not growing.

  • If you want to fill your team (downline) with only serious people.

  • If you want to become a top leader in your company.

  • If you want to attain time and financial freedom for both yourself and family.

  • If you want a system that can duplicate and replicate results for you and your team members.

Who is this course NOT for?

  • If you’re not willing to learn the key to succeed in your business.

  • If you’re going to use the strategies you’ll learn to manipulate people.

  • If you are not ready to complete the exercises and assignment.

  • This course is not for you if you can’t implement what you learnt from this course in your business.

  • If you know you are not ready to take action to change your life.

If I pay now, how will I get the course?

After a successful payment you’ll get the Pro MLM Mastery Course Bundle that includes Ebook + Workbook + 2 hours Video, you’ll immediately get access to your course in the email you provided.

Can I purchase the course as a gift for someone?

Yes, you can purchase for multiple people. Just email donatusprince@gmail.com and let us know how many people you like to purchase for.

We will guide you with making bulk payments. You only need to send their names and respective email addresses.

Who created this course?

The Founder of Pro MLM Mastery, Donatus Prince, popularly known as the Value King, created this course based on his personal experiences. 

Donatus is an online business consultant and he makes business simplified. He teaches in the most exciting and relatable ways with practical examples.

Also here’s a Summarized Resume included below so you’ll trust that I’m qualified to get you the results you desire.

What if I know nothing about technology?

Honestly, a business owner cannot run away from technology. However, the technology tools, systems and teaching style will be fit for even a 15-year old.

You don't need any prior experience or tech knowledge because everything is drag and drop.

Everything is kept simple and easy.

Will the Pro MLM Mastery Course help improve my business?

Everything you'll be learning is a concept that I've taught some of the top leaders in major companies and also I’ve used it to build multiple businesses even though I started with literally no list.

The Pro MLM Mastery Course will literally cover all the necessary requirements , provide the fundamental and basic knowledge to launch and become successful in your business.

How is this Pro MLM Mastery Course different from other courses I have bought?

The Pro MLM Mastery Course outline addresses the very core needs of businesses that want to succeed.

Pro MLM Mastery Course provides all the knowledge, system, tools and in details shows you where to start from.

Most of the available courses are not teaching the concepts you’ll be learning and I can assure you that what you’ll learn has never been taught you in any seminars and previous courses you bought.

Everyone is at different levels in their business. The Pro MLM Mastery Course is that missing link that drills success out of every network marketers, even if they don't have any prior experience or tech skill. 

It is MUST-HAVE for every business owner who is battling with growing their business, attracting serious people to join their business or tired of pitching to uninterested friends and family or random strangers.

You will be able to do the following:

  1. Correctly find and access exactly who you want on your dream team.
  2. Launch your successful network marketing business with a system that works even in an economic crisis.
  3. Know how to master the tools and system that guarantees a replicable result for your team.
  4. You’ll know how to grow your team to over a thousand serious members leveraging a secret tool.
  5. You’ll understand the powerful growth hacking technique that will automate your network marketing business.
  6. You’ll also learn some simple things that no one ever told you or even taught you at seminars and courses about growing your business.

So, how do I pay for the Course?

2 simple ways:

1. Using a card, click any button on this page to pay. You will be charged 3000 Naira plus 7.5% VAT, totaling 3225 Naira. You do NOT need to send an email if you pay with a card. It is a 100% automatic process.

2. OR you may prefer to pay by Bank Transfer. Pay to Awoeze Emmanuel Onyedika, Access Bank, Account number 0024515455. This option will cost you an extra 500 Naira administrative fee. 

So you get to pay 3725 Naira. After payment, please ensure to email donatusprince@gmail.com with evidence of payment, so you can be enrolled.  You MUST send an email if you pay by transfer. It is the only way to get properly enrolled 



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