Making money online is so simple and easy when you know how to leverage social media to take advantage of all the numerous opportunities available.

One of the ways that money hides in plain sight is in people. On social media tons of people are online daily who are willing to pay you at least 10K Daily for whatever you’re offering.

If you desire to start earning online daily but you just don't know how to successfully do that then read this to the end.

If you’re always shouting God when, read this to the end and take action for your when has come.

I’ll be revealing all the opportunities available for you to earn online, even if you don't have a huge social media following.

I’ll show you a secret framework that can successfully get you started earning 10K Daily and thereby turning your phone into an ATM machine.



You only need to know two simple things. Value and Traffic

Value is simply your knowledge or anything good which can be a product or service.

Traffic is simply the people that needs that thing you know or need that good thing you're offering. 

There are millions of people daily on social media that needs what you’re offering.

Once you can position yourself before these people, you’ll earn a ton of money and I’m not bluffing.

I have PROOF!

Imagine you have a product that you’re selling for 2k. You need only 5 people daily to earn 10k daily and over 300k monthly.

This is 100% scalable that you can also earn over 20k to 50k daily using this same strategy.

Numbers truly do not lie.

They speak the truth and with this strategy you can start printing money with your phone right from your bedroom.



I won't deny that there was a time where I struggled to earn just 1k to pay for my data.

I started as a nobody but social media gave me the opportunity to become more.

Those days are gone because I’ve learnt several strategies and I’ll be teaching and showing it practically during the  5-day 10K Daily Training and Challenge.

Now I’ve earned money from other people’s product even without a huge following on social media.

I’ve earned money from my sharing my knowledge and experience with people.

I’ve earned money offering my premium services to clients.

I’ve earned money from partnerships.

I’ve gotten all this amazing result simply by leveraging social media as a tool and I’ll be showing you just how to easily get these results.

You only need to understand the simple concept of Value and Traffic to earn a lot of money online.

Do any of these questions and thoughts sound familiar?

  • – How do I start making money online daily?
  • – How do I sell what I know online and make money?
  • – How do I partner with companies that pay six figure commission?
  • – How do I turn my phone into an ATM machine?
  • – How do I turn my social media without huge following into a profitable six figure business

If you have these thoughts, then you need to urgently get Sign Up for The 10k Daily Challenge.

The good news is; The new year is just starting out.

It’s a great time to learn the secret that gives you an advantage to earn minimum 10k Daily if you start implementing them.

During the 5 day training and challenge you'll be learning the following:

DAY 1: You'll be learning how to earn 10K Daily selling what you know and how to earn money even from other people's knowledge.

DAY 2: I'll be showing you all the different ways, platforms, tools and secret strategies I use to easily earn 10K Daily.

DAY 3: You'll be learning how I structure my ad campaign, the framework behind it and access to all the content templates I use.

DAY 4: You'll be learning the secret strategy I used to generate $1000 without any huge social media following, list or even any advert.

DAY 5: At this point you have all the tools that is required to go out and earn your first 10K Daily.


- 5 authority figures who has consistently built multiple six figure businesses will be sharing their strategies.

- How to sell your products and services to Nigerians using social media.

- The Ultimate Facebook Advertising blueprint

- Live Q&A Sessions With Experts

- 30 Day Coaching & Customer Support

and lots more.

So, what is The 10k Daily Challenge all about?

This 10k Daily 5-Day Challenge teaches you the simple step by step process to start earning 10,000 naira daily selling your knowledge, other people's knowledge and getting a 50% commission.

It also shows and explain other various ways that anyone can start earning online leveraging just the social media.

It’s completely a beginner-level course and will have zero technological terminologies.

What date will it hold?

The Training & Challenge holds on Saturday, 26th March 2021, from 7pm to 10pm.

The class will also be recorded; so even if you couldn’t attend or had poor internet connectivity issues, you can always rewatch the class.

There will always be live Q&A sessions and a community where ideas will be shared and task assigned.

What is the fee?

The sign up fee is 3,000 Naira and the first 100 people will be getting the extra 200k worth of bonus; after which it moves up three times the current price and please take note that this course is currently being shown to thousands of other interested people so I recommend you act now.

Please Sign Up for The 10k Daily 5- Day Challenge NOW at this discount price because It is best you get in now.

We have a fixed number of slots, after which we will stop enrolling.

This is our cheapest ever course because we’re offering you three product resources at the insane price one, we anticipate a lot of people. Enroll now.



What will I learn?

The 10k Daily Challenge will include a 5 day training plus expert guest that have generated multiple six figure monthly who will also come on live and share their secret.

There will also be a challenge where you'll be given exercises to go and implement what you’ve learnt.

The 10k Daily 5-Day Challenge will teach you the following;


  • The step by step process to create your information products and start earning 10,000 naira Daily.
  • How I earn $100 weekly without any product, no huge following on social media and no ad campaign
  • All the platforms that are willing to pay you daily and several commission opportunities. 
  • The secret strategy I used to generate $1000 without any huge social media following, list or even any advert. 
  • How to set up successful facebook ad campaigns and content templates that 100% convert.
  • How to globally receive payment and turn your phone into an ATM machine. 
  • How to turn your social media platform into an online business from the comfort of your bedroom.
  • How to build visibility and clarity for your brand and business on social media
  • 10 practical tips to help you constantly earn 10,000 naira daily and over 250,000 naira every month with 100% ability to scale.

What if I have no laptop?

The class will teach you all you need to succeed earning 10k daily using both your phone and your laptop.

So, even if you have just a phone, you can join the training, watch and start implementing to start getting result.

This challenge is for you ONLY

  • If you have knowledge, experience or skill that can be turned into a digital product.
  • If you want to create your own digital products, earn 10K daily and at least N250,000 monthly.
  • If you want to receive daily credit alert, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week  plus thank you messages.
  • If you want to turn your social media into an online business machine.
  • If you want to earn more and impact more.

Please this is not a

❌  Ponzi scheme...

❌  Get Rich Quick Scheme...

❌  Network Marketing gimmicks...

❌  Get Rich Quick Scheme.

Who is this Challenge NOT for?

  • If you’re not willing to learn the keys to succeed in your business.
  • If you’re going to use the strategies you’ll learn to manipulate people.
  • If you are not ready to complete the exercises and assignment.
  • This course is not for you if you can’t implement what you learnt from this course in your business.
  • If you know you are not ready to take action to change your life.

If I pay now, how will I get Access?

After a successful payment you’ll get enrolled in the private facebook group where pre webinar will commence immediately.

Can I purchase the course as a gift for someone?

Yes, you can purchase for multiple people. Just email donatusprince@gmail.com and let us know how many people you like to purchase for.

We will guide you with making bulk payments. You only need to send their names and respective email addresses.

Who is the brain behind the 10k Daily Challenge?

The host of the 10k Daily Challenge is Donatus Prince, popularly known as the Value King because of his passion to see others build and scale their profitable online business

Donatus is an online business consultant and he helps businesses, brands and individuals with all the technology, tools and resources required for them to start and scale their digital business.

He teaches these concepts in the most exciting and relatable ways with practical examples.

Also here’s a Summarized Resume included below so you’ll trust that I’m qualified to get you the results you desire.

What if I know nothing about technology?

Honestly, you cannot run away from technology if you really want to leverage the internet to earn six figures. However, the technology tools, systems and teaching style will be fit for even a 15-year old.

You don't need any prior experience or tech knowledge because everything is drag and drop.

Everything is kept simple and easy.

Will the 5 Day Challenge help me to really start earning online?

Everything you'll be learning is a concept that I've personally used to build my business right from the scratch. It's a no fluff concept that will help you earn a multiple six figure just leveraging the social media.

During the Challenge, We'll literally cover all the necessary requirements, provide the fundamental and basic knowledge to launch and become successful in your business.

How is this 10k Daily Challenge different from other program out there?

The curriculum designed for the 10k Daily Challenge addresses the very core needs of everyone who wants to start making money online either by selling their information product or earning a commission.

The Challenge also provides all the knowledge, system, tools and in details shows you where to start from even as a complete newbie.

Most of the available courses are not teaching the concepts you’ll be learning and I can assure you that what you’ll learn has never been taught you in any seminars and previous courses you bought.

Everyone is at different levels in their journey of making money online. The 5-day Challenge is that missing link that drills success out of every one whose desire is to make money online, even if they don't have any prior experience or tech skill. 

You will be able to do the following:

  1. Earn 10K Daily selling what you know and how to earn money even from other people's knowledge.
  2. Know all the different ways, platforms, tools and secret strategies I use to easily earn 10K Daily.
  3. Know how I structure my ad campaign, the framework behind it and access to all the content templates I use.
  4. You’ll also learn the secret strategy I used to generate $1000 without any huge social media following, list or even any advert..
  5. You’ll understand the powerful growth hacking technique that will automate your online business.
  6. You’ll also learn the to earn consistently leveraging your social media platform even if you have no following

So, how do I pay for the Course?

2 simple ways:

1. Using a card, click any button on this page to pay. You will be charged 3000 Naira plus 7.5% VAT, totaling 3225 Naira. You do NOT need to send an email if you pay with a card. It is a 100% automatic process.

2. OR you may prefer to pay by Bank Transfer. Pay to Awoeze Emmanuel Onyedika, Access Bank, Account number 0024515455. This option will cost you an extra 500 Naira administrative fee. 

So you get to pay 3725 Naira. After payment, please ensure to email donatusprince@gmail.com with evidence of payment, so you can be enrolled.  You MUST send an email if you pay by transfer. It is the only way to get properly enrolled 



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